It’s time we listened to our own hearts.

No tree has branches so foolish as to fight among themselves.

Native American proverb

We are failing each other. Not just a run-of-the-mill, oops, sorry, kind of failure, but a spectacular, gory, unprecedented, worst-in-most-every-way kind of failure. The same way the body…

or Thirteen Tips for Beating Back Death — Stick Optional

I woke up the other day with a Blood Sweat and Tears song, When I Die, in my head, one of those songs from childhood that stick with you like mice to a glue trap so, of course, I went…

Corporate America joins the fight in reducing plastic ocean waste.

Of all the hazards of modern life, plastic, especially single-use plastics, is one of the more detrimental products. Since plastic first came to market in the 1950s, over 9 billion tons have been manufactured as bottles, bags, car parts, computers…

Keep Fats, Oils and Grease in the Trash Where They Belong

In February 2021, a brewing toxic mess of waste comprised of such culprits as wet wipes, diapers, sanitary pads, cotton swabs and other detritus fused with fats, oils and grease from kitchens and bathrooms across London had congealed to…

Pam Lazos

environmental lawyer, writer of the eco-thriller, Oil and Water, and Six Sisters, a collection of novellas, water ninja, striving to live sustainably.

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